Virtual CFO solutions

Most startups and SME companies have an “Accounts Head” but do not have a “Finance Head”. Managing the finances is much more and beyond the managing the accounts. Many startups fail because they are not able to plan their cash flows and do proper working capital management.

Some of the areas that we undertake as a Virtual CFO solution provider are as follows:

Policies and Procedures

  • Preparation and review of Internal controls system for financial transactions
  • Preparation and review of processes and policies
  • Preparation and review of Business Flow Charts

Budget and MIS Reporting

  • Formulation of Annual Operating Plan and implementation of budgetary controls
  • Identifying and tracking KPIs through a KPI dashboard
  • Preparing variance analysis on actual vs budget
  • Manage complete MIS reporting to be shared with stakeholders
  • Monthly/Quarterly management presentations/board deck

Long Term Financial Planning

  • Maintain and update Financial Model at regular intervals
  • Prepare financial feasibility models and studies for the new projects/businesses

Working Capital Management

  • Cash Flow management
  • Receivables Analysis
  • Inventory controls
  • Critical Vendor Risk Analysis

Treasury Operations

  • Investment of surplus funds
  • Managing forex risks, if any

ESOP Advisory Services

  • Planning, Designing and Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Valuation Services and Accounting Services

General Accounting

  • Regular accounts update
  • Reconciliations
  • GST/TDS/Income Tax Compliances
  • Companies Act Compliances
  • Finalizing Annual Accounts